13 Most Beautiful… Songs for Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests

i love to watch the clips of screen tests andy shot between 1964 and 1966 in his silvery factory. people are fascinating, especially when they’re trying to do nothing.

13 most beautiful…songs for andy warhol’s screen tests features 13 of warhol’s classic silent film portraits. subjects include nico, lou reed, edie sedgwick, dennis hopper, etc. and are presented with newly commissioned soundtracks performed by dean wareham and britta phillips who i don’t know of, but sound yummy. by kl

Look what kevin’s upto: mohawk general store opens in echo park CA

kevin carney, the generic man, at his new mohawk general store
i still have kevin’s old stuff from way back… from the generic costume days in NY and i just cant stop using em. we run into kevin here and there and he has constantly kept up a good show, from his footwear designs to little stories that pop-up on his shirts and jackets. his latest move, mohawk general store, in echo park CA, has three-quarters of the it’s goods made locally, and many of the products are recycled, including his label, generic man boots that are made from recycled rain coats $390. by cc

what’s behind the logo

I know we are not in any way a political blog. so please feel free to disregard the message and simply appreciate the community of graphic designers coming together through greenpeace’s behind the logo initiative to express their point of view on a certain oil spill in the mexico gulf… this one is my favorite, but you can see them all on flikr. by kv

chanel cosmetic adverts: malgosia bela photographed by solve sunsbo

for the record, aside the early lancôme campaigns approx 3 years ago, these are some of the most beautiful cosmetic advert ever. polish model malgosia (actually malgorzata) bela photographed by norwegian photographer solve sunsabo. i remember when i first saw one in a publication, it just stunned me. i stopped and had to take notice. it was quietly screaming and making me want something… i’m still wondering what that was. by dd

fendi flairs up

a lovely pic by photographer karine basilio, the work that i saw was not consistent but there are a few beautiful images that show that she has it in her. more of this would be good. by dd