arthur rimbaud

this is a picture that was widely talk about in europe in the last few weeks but never heard of or read a line on it on this side of the atlantic. well, the story is pretty nice, until very recently there were very few known photos of poet arthur rimbaud. basically, only one real, from when he was a late teen (see attached) and four others on his death bed but they are so dark and out of focus that it’s almost abstract… whatever, two parisian booksellers found a picture and had an intuition when the checked the dating and place where the shot was taken. after verification, double checking with biographers and all sorts of people, it seems it is then the second real picture of arthur rimbaud… nice. makes me wonder how many shots of rimbaud or people alike are sleeping in some people’s drawers. the photo, dated to the 1880ies, shows arthur rimbaud surrounded by seven people on the terrace of the hotel univers in Aden, Yemen. by pp’