for sale

the most famous house in brooklyn is for sale! located at 70 willow street, it’s the place where truman capote wrote “breakfast at tiffany’s” in 1958. the infamous writer lived in this victorian house overlooking manhattan from 1955 to 1965. the yellow house with it’s spectacular 38 windows, 11 fireplaces, a fresco copied on the white house one and a gigantic garden as only the houses in the south have is on the market at sotheby’s for $18 millions. not exactly a brooklyn hipster house. truman capote rented the basement from broadway art director oliver smith who is remembered for the sets of “west side story”. in his book “house in the heights”, capote wrote that he made smith drink way too much in order to convince the art director to let him rent the basement. friend george plimpton, wrote that capote was waiting for smith to leave and organized fancy parties while acting as if the house was his. giving guests tours of the house, talking how he had it entirely redecorated.
he only left the house to move permanently to the plaza.

anybody? i’m interested in renting the basement
by pp’