Lid Magazine Number 10-SS 2010: more of a book worth coming back to

spring summer issue of lid #10
the amazing diane lane (see our other post)
bob fantastic train ride
halstone at his olympic tower atelier, nyc 1979 by dustin pittman
poet, roach killer, artist extraordinaire: mr. jim carroll

i came across this gen of a magazine the other day and i have to say it made me think about all the crappy self service issues i’ve bought. $50 for 500 pages of disposable snaps disguised in a hard cover, foil stamped, shrink wrapped gift pack, just to make you feel “you’re sooo worth it”. at least olivier zahm goes the extra mile to provide some kitty porn to compensate for the poetry hes lost. on the other hand the fellows at lid didn’t make much of a fuss. soft cover, solid black and white printing for a fraction of the cost and a mag you’d want to keep and use. the issue simply made me happy and coming back to it over and over again. well done! by dd