my night with a pro: G series pro launch surprised us all at the event in new york city

thunder dog founder and ex-kidrobot designer tristan eaton custom tagging one-of-a-kind 5 footer – supposedly black as midnight black painted by jeff koons studio!
new york design group, DDCLAB provided custom design outfit for the crew and staff at the event

jump into bed! was funny to see (cofounder of new york staple: dean & deluca) giorgio deluca’s immaculate pad transformed into a surreal exhibit loosly around a pros life ala robert gober meets mike kelley, if that could even be possible!

definitely not giorgio’s closet!!!!

kiss the dee jay: dj kiss with ucef hanjani (ceft and company)

sway calloway in the original concrete jungle

one of the cool bits about the event was upon entry you received a black ALIFE t-shirt which you needed in order to get into the 8th floor.

at first it seemed rather odd… but once in, you realized what you had on your hands. no other than dr. revolt himself (style wars, wild style) was there to tag your shirt, all you needed to do was pick what kind of a “pro” you were… or wanted to be!some of my favorite tags where: PROFESIONAL dreamer, PROFESIONAL shyster, PROFESIONAL golddigger, PROFESIONAL lover, PROFESIONAL asskicker, but the best one was towards the end when an older lady, all dressed-up and proper came and politely asked for PROFESIONAL super bitch!

end of night the 75 goody bags were courtesy of ALIFE using american apparel super shines, with an NFL leather football, signed by eli manning inside along with samples of the unreleased g series pro product to help you go pro… whether you like it, or not!.

NFL pro player eli manning and “friend”

one of the 75 invites above… oh and one of the many uninvited guests, who showed up anyway below…

so diddy showed up at some point and sway (MTV) was not about to let-go of his chance to interview sean combs, puff daddy, and p. diddy all at once. at least prince cut to the point, even illustrated his name for the alphabetically challenged. i still don’t quit get this diddy business!
diddy didn’t catch the drift right away until his later tweet, but the stairway was part of the gigdiddy’s 2nd tweet from that night!

one credit to the man was that at the entrance there was one door marked “pros” the other “all others” the “pro door” lead to the stairs, which meant you had to walk up to the 8th floor. the “all others” door lead to the elevator, and diddy took the stairs (followed by his whole crew!!! rather hilarious) screaming something like “that’s the difference between you and me…” well, that and few extra dollars i suppose. by xy