stolen picasso: What would Inspector Clouseau do?

picasso’s stolen materpiece – the pigeon with the peas

humiliated police officers

wednesday night a lone robber entered the paris museum of modern art and stole five original painting, including a picasso, modigliani, and braque. the monetary damage is estimated to be around 100,000,000 euros. the lone robber entered the museum by breaking a window and smashing a pad lock. yes, as many of you may be thinking, what poor security for a place holding billions of euros worth of famous artwork. but leave it to the french. in their defense, somewhat, their security system was down the night of the heist. was this an inside job? wait, i almost forgot that three guards are on duty at all times and they “saw nothing.” once the robber was inside, undetected, he very carefully cut the five paintings out of the frames. reps from the museum were quoted saying that the burglar was obviously very well organized. that’s a thought… or the security system is obviously under par. but tomato tamato. i wonder what our favorite french inspector, jacques clouseau, would have to say about this? by nh