the anarchy of silence: john cage, museu d’art contemporani de barcelona

with bionce crashing our party i thought why not talk about some music. like “the anarchy of silence” by john cage. now, for the record, can we please beg lady gaga here to not appropriate?

ok, so this is one of the most beautiful books i have come across in recent years. the book published by henie onstad art center is a pricey soft cover book with a lot of inspiration hidden inside it (used copies can be found on amazon for $130). i picked up my new untouched copy at st. marks bookstore in new york for under a $100 but no idea if they have any left. not much unlike his music, beautiful unobtrusive designs of text create a lovely pace between photographs and sketches of cage. the hand drawn notes are truly amazing and the book as a whole shows a lot of confidence on behalf of its creators. another franklin well spent. by dd