fan di fendi – fendi’s newest fragrance launch: out in september 2010

after fendi pulled all of their existing fragrances off the market, for over a year, there was a vacant spot begging to be filled. “fan di fendi” is the newest launch due in stores this september 2010. the simple yellow packaging and the proportion of the bottle are quite beautiful and summary, however the name is a little uncool for our taste. not only it sounds odd upon first read, its rather a direct derivative of the very successful j’adore dior. one would have expected karl lagerfeld to resist it just for that, but one can see how such a name can make marketing directors and the family filled with excitement. after all who doesn’t want “fans”… or for that matter to be “adored”. the only problem is that naming it that doesn’t necessarily make it so. the jus is signed by perfumer delphine lebeau-krowiakj and the ad campaign is, once again, created by mr baron (yawn!) and features models anja rubik, abbey lee and karmen pedaru suspended in a moment of rock and roll ecstasy.

for the record, our favorite fendi has always been the original classic “fendi by fendi”. the 70’s scent was delicious but unfortunately found it’s way into the low end retailers in the 80’s and the rest was histrory. with a bit of re packaging and updating that scent could find a great spot next to the latest, and we hope fendi will consider bringing that back. by dd