R.I.P. tobias wong: dies at the age of 35

artist/designer tobias wongdeadly rose: made of bolistic material was to save a loved one
it was a sad day today. not only because the weather was gloomy and i had just gotten back from a nice time away, but because of the discovery of three great people’s deaths. artist tobias wong  artist louise bourgeois, and that bastard actor dennis hopper. what a mess. i won’t talk about the activists deaths… that’s a whole ‘nother blog all together but this is criminal. at 35 tobias had so much left to do. although i never got to meet him, i was impressed by his humor and wit when kl first showed me the rose he had designed. his work was not only smart but never took itself seriously and that’s very difficult to do. i sometimes think why do great people die when there are so many terrible ones just cuing for hell, i can supply a list. in any case, i was thinking of him all day and i guess that’s all you can ask for when you go, for some to remember you for all the good that you’ve done, what ever medium it may have been, humanity, art, or just plain old kindness. we’ll miss ya man. by uh