eniko mihalik by barnaby roper: interactive film launched on show studio today at 6:00PM EST


our friend and photographer barnaby roper‘s interactive film launched today on show studio at 6:00 pm EST. be ready for a treat. you can compose and create your own version of eniko’s hyper-serpent movements and then share it… you can hit any numbers to choose your beat then any letter on your keyboard to interact. record your own track and share it. here’s one we just made take a look. by dd

ok we just died and went to heaven… in copenhagen: Harley Davidson Sportster

standard frame ( raked )
WM handlebar, tarozzi footpegs, 19″ firestone deluxe fronttyre
WM seat and seatcowl
front fork
16″ firestone deluxe reartyre

custom motorcycles copenhagen is featuring a harley davidson sportster: club black #02 featuring standard frame ( raked ), engine, swingarm, rearshocks, front fork, wheels. 16″ firestone deluxe reartyre, 19″ firestone deluxe fronttyre. WM seat and seatcowl, WM tank, WM handlebar. tarozzi footpegs. WM exhaust. WM custom paint. available at wrench monkees but not for sale but as always everything is negotiable. what a gift this would make! by dd+pp’

terence koh loves and loved by converse

this may not be new news, as i believe these special edition all-white-leather hightop all stars from converse by terence koh came out in march, but i still had to share. a minimalist rendition of the classic. shoes feature a square back, seamless edges, super smoothed body, and crisp leather laces. a percentage of the purchase is contributed to the 1hund(red) campaign to fight aids in africa. and only $150, and only available in white. oh right, and if you want, you can order them here. by kl

pierre hardy + hermes

just heard about this collaboration between designer pierre hardy and hermes on some jewelry. he was already designing some fabulous shoes for the H brand but the jewelry is really swell! good job! by pp’


i love when art is simple, and about the thought, action and discovery more than just the execution, and this is why bas jan ader is one of my all time favorites. above you see him bring the theory of neoplasticism into his modern day… the belief that art should not be the reproduction of real objects, but the expression of the absolutes of life, and what is more important to discovery than the absolutes of life?

establishing in the 1910’s, the original neoplasticists were piet mondrian and theo van doesburg. they believed that the only absolutes of life were vertical and horizontal lines and the primary colors. to this end neoplasticists only used planar elements and the colors red, yellow, and blue. thank goodness this perspective evolved off of the canvas, and surely brought us conceptual art. by kl

Natacha dzikowski and her boys

natacha dzikowski and david lynch
natacha dzikowski and olivier zahm
natacha dzikowski and ucef hanjani

will be hard to top this one… 2 out of 3 ‘aint that bad… but what can you expect from one of the most amazing women east of manhattan? by xy