ok we just died and went to heaven… in copenhagen: Harley Davidson Sportster

standard frame ( raked )
WM handlebar, tarozzi footpegs, 19″ firestone deluxe fronttyre
WM seat and seatcowl
front fork
16″ firestone deluxe reartyre

custom motorcycles copenhagen is featuring a harley davidson sportster: club black #02 featuring standard frame ( raked ), engine, swingarm, rearshocks, front fork, wheels. 16″ firestone deluxe reartyre, 19″ firestone deluxe fronttyre. WM seat and seatcowl, WM tank, WM handlebar. tarozzi footpegs. WM exhaust. WM custom paint. available at wrench monkees but not for sale but as always everything is negotiable. what a gift this would make! by dd+pp’