givenchy couture fall 2010 – yum!

riccardo tisci is my knight in shining armor. his fall 2010 couture line for givenchy is so exquisite that it makes me happy just to gaze upon. i may die for these dresses, i may kill for these dresses… so, you better watch out. bless your eyes with the full collection here. by kl

self publish, be happy

self publish, be happy is an organization founded by one of the loveliest people i know, bruno ceschel (previously at colors magazine), in 2010 in celebration of self-published photobooks. they promote the freedom of creativity in self-publishing and do what they can to spur on more uninhibited bookmaking. with technology and access to so much through the internet there really isn’t anything holding you back, so what are you waiting for? we know you have a beautiful piece of brilliance waiting to be bound. for inspirations check here for events near you. by kl

juergen teller – all around

i like fashion but sometimes those guys are a bit out of it.
was checking some magazines at the store today ( can’t remember the mag) and there were actually three ads shot by photographer juergen teller back to back… i mean i love mister teller’s work but he has this particular touch that makes him the bad client to shoot several campaigns the same season… so celine, vivienne westwood and marc jacobs one after the other is stupid but if on top of that you ad that they’re all using a white frame then it’s really to much!
couldn’t find the correct ads to illustrate the post but seriously… by pp.

dan tobin smith – perspectival studies

well… i don’t know exactly what it is, but i am intrigued by the name perpsectival study and its author the still life photographer dan tobin smith (and the name of the retoucher but i guess nobody care about that). the bookshelves in the background remind me of the great bernard pivot’s literary tv show “apostrophes”… it’s an insider reference for french people. anyway, i think it is really nice and that definitely deserve a post. by pp.