Blackout on blogspot – blog removed and inaccessible for over 5 days

so what happened to tomorrow started for the past five days? have you ever seen orson welles’ film, the trial? if not go watch it. to be fair, it could have been much worse if it wasn’t for nighcruiser, the person that actually helped us get it back. here’s how it happened…

imagine you go to your blog one day, and it’s gone. all gone. can’t access. can’t log in. just taken away by the big brother that google has now become. who do you talk to? there is no one. you have to post a complaint and wait. at least nighcruiser came to our rescue, and restored it within 5 days. now that’s rather amazing considering how large blogspot/google is. turns out, we were inaccurately slapped as a spam blog by “bloggers robots”. blogger admits (see image below) that:

“…your blog is probably not a spam blog. automated spam detection is inherently fuzzy (no shit) and we sincerely apologize for this false positive.”

(click to read/enlarge)

one down. now we still haven’t been able to remove our “content warning tag” which again must have been placed not by the “blogger’s robots” but by the pope himself. this tag is not only annoying and misplaced on such a blog as ours, it has somehow stopped our posts to pop up in google searches. looks like we’ll be moving to a more liberal, like minded, space in the very near future. disappointed at google and blogger but we do thank mister nighcruiser for saving us from a potentially bigger nightmare. by ts-staff