Halston SS2011 and don quixote

how did i get from the halston fashion show to don quixote… allow me to explain. i arrived at the halston show at the barbara gladstone gallery promptly at 7:30 as noted on my calendar, only to realize that the show was at 6:30 to 7:30 and not at 7:30. oh well, it wasn’t the first time… and besides, i don’t generally frequent the same locations as the horse lady… i’m sure i’ll see the lovely hard work tomorrow. given i didn’t have tickets to marc, i headed to the chelsea hotel bar next door, the don quixote… while we hung out there for a few glasses of wine and appetizers, i found myself lost in the many irritable versions of don quixote statuettes that lined the walls and every available surface. from porcelain figurines to marble busts, this restaurant bar must have been frozen in time since the 70’s.

once home, i had to buy the book and re-read the masterpiece that both wells and terry gilliam failed to tackle. in my search, i came across these bits and pieces… they don’t come close to my admiration for a single white, scrawny, stick figure statue of a man i saw at the door tonight, but perhaps they’ll do the trick for you… happy reading. by uh