hastens of sweden: Need a new bed?

marlon agrees

was looking for damn bed, a place to crash that is, no particular reason other than that my over indulgent sister was at my place when i was away, and she told me that my mattress is more of torture chamber than a bed. so i figured might as well get a nice one. i came across this hastens bed (store in soho), can you believe this, the queen beds (mattress only) starts at $7,500 and goes up to $70,000!! no swedes included. that said one night sleep in it and you are in heaven. each bed comes with approximately 7 horses worth of horse hair. i guess that keeps it breathable and maybe even sexy if you happen to be steven klein. for me its simply dreamy. now if you happen to be gorgeous you are welcome to come over an try it. we can give the godfather clip a whole new meaning! by uh