lady gaga: once again fighting for the good of all mankind

thanx terry, but no thanx lady gaga. doubt if anyone who’s actually reading this blog will disagree with your “so controversial” message but will you please shut up and stick to your deeply progressive pop lyrics?  you know, like that line “baby is a bad boy with some retro sneakers”…which made such an impression on the youth movement of today.  we’re a little sick of every two bit celebrity taking up “a cause” to blatantly further their career.

first off the bigots in washington who are creating such absurd laws don’t exactly listen to your albums, let alone your advice.  secondly, half the members of the senate who voted in the law are probably closet-case-queens pandering to their redneck voters. they are doing exactly what you’re doing. in other words, doing whatever it takes to further their career. if you guys actually have a brain to think and care for something, how is it that all the concerns are around such agreeable issues within your audiences? that’s because your PR handlers tell you what causes to take on. god forbid any of you stand-up for something you care about that happens not to be popular within your “customer” base, like zero population growth, G8, indigenous people of (insert country here)… i guess those guys don’t buy concert tickets, or do they? by xy