le corbusier – his true colors

amazing article by alice rawsthorn in the new york times about le corbusier’s wall colors, must read here, a couple of lines for lazies:

“by 1931, le corbusier had settled on a palette of soft pastels and brights to accentuate white, and arranged for them to be reproduced on wallpaper swatches by the swiss manufacturer salubra. esver the control freak, he specified exactly ho salubra should group the colors together to indicate which ones could be combined.”
“a book of all of the swatches made for corbusier by salubra from 1931 to 1959 was published by birkhäuser in 1997. a young chemist, katrin trautwein, the co-founder of kt color, then started to explore the possibility of manufacturing the paints and secured a license to do so from the fondation le corbusier.”

by ar+pp.