the 2011 bentley mulsanne: not that impressive after all

the beautiful lines that fail to exist outside of a lit studioa V8 engine that thinks like a V4. bravo!
the vintage beauty next to the muslanne is the original 8-liter that was first shown at the 1930 london motor show. a total of 100 cars were built in 1930 and 1931. it was capable of reaching more than 100 mph, which was surpassing every other manufacturer of the day.

now about the the grandson… at almost $300,000 the mulsanne comes with beautiful lines that fail to exist outside of a lit studio, and safety-first high-rise doors that ruin the lines of any car. it also includes a tail that is not worthy of showing, and an interior that is just as disappointing inside you will find a horrible digital screen that sits dead center on the dash, immediately killing any illusions of romanticism and the over-crowded cabin and its over-use of leather and wood make it to be the perfect candidate for the man who has everything in this world… but class.

all that said there are no new cars that are even worth reviewing short of the R8, the original boxter, or the first relaunch of the bug. so the muslanne must have something! and it does.

the nose with its distinctive over-sized lights could have won the prize had it not been ruined by all the “jeweled LED” trickery, but that said its still a nose of a noble man, despite the zits.

the other nice part is that the the new bently’s comes with a revised version of the automaker’s 6.75-liter v-8 engine, which has been updated with “cam-phasing and variable displacement technologies”, which translates into a ‘power-on-demand’ system that simply closes the valves of four of the eight cylinders to maximize fuel economy and reduce the mammoth co2 output by such a large and heavy car (5,700 pounds which is almost 3 tons… all to move one single, fat, rich, oily, man). it’s still far from a green car but an “A” for efforts is in order. by dd