best made axes – lumbers in tha city

i guess anyone walking to partners and spade, saturday surf shop or any trendy store in the city wondered what the hell is that about to sell axes?!? and i guess i’m not the only one fed up by half the population in nyc fucking around in lumber jack outfits while they never set a foot in any forest but anyway… those axes are really gorgeous. even if i wouldn’t harm a tree for anything in the world, i could really imagine one of these beauty in the corner of my living room. that would be a bit yuppi-ish, aint it? so just for eyes by pp.

david hockney – fresh flowers

“hockney began painting flowers in bed just after buying his first iphone in 2009. rendering the simple one- or two-stem arrangements placed in a glass for him each morning by his boyfriend, chef john fitzherbert, the artist experimented with the iphone painting app, its variety of brush techniques, colors, and line densities.

twenty of his closest friends began receiving e-mails with iphone-painted flowers attached, including curator and cultural historian charlie scheips, who immediately saw the potential for an exhibit, especially when the number of hockney iphone-painted flowers (and later, ipad-painted flowers) grew to over 600: “this is a serious component of work, in the context of david’s five-decade career,” says scheips, who curated the show. “these flowers are ‘fresh’ in how new they are, how they’ve been sent, how they’re viewed, and the way they generate light.”

now on view in paris at the pierre berge and yves saint laurent foundation. by pp.+ v

yes to Noh Suntag

at least these works from the korean born artist noh suntag, bring to us the eerie beauty of being lost in the masses of culture. coming from a background in political studies which evolved into photography, his main work involves collecting, and communicating through images regarding wars and the division of the korean peninsular in order to expose the way in which various forms of social violence in contemporary korea are linked to the war of half a century ago. by kl

the pathetic state of fashion: kim kardashian W magazine cover

if fashion was to be aspirational i must admit that they have lost their way in the desperate state of economic affairs. how pathetic is the state of the fashion world when you go from creativity, to celebrity, and all the way down to trash. what do these people stand for? what is there to aspire to? why are they pushed onto our consciousness? what have they left behind for us to aspire to? are we to be admire trash talk, lack of talent, lack of intelligence, and lack of any creativity in these beings? the answer is yes of course. fashion’s legitimacy was always in question, but now it doesn’t even deserve the question. i for one canceled my subscription to W, one of the only US pubs that at least in the past had brought some interesting photographers to the mainstream stage, like philiplorca dicorcia, and ryan mcginley. the biggest faux pas in this whole thing is that W even dared to put kim and the word art on the same page. its a sad grey day indeed! by dd

all you art stars take note: art reviews top 100 forces in the art world

works by jeff koons, cindy sherman who made it in the top 100…

and richard prince whom didn’t make it… wonder if the patrick cariou and the brooke shield/tate modern fiasco had anything to do with it? or was it pop and purple’s fault?

1. Larry Gagosian
2. Hans Ulrich Obrist
3. Iwan Wirth
4. David Zwirner
5. Glenn D. Lowry
6. Bice Curiger
7. Sir Nicholas Serota
8. Eli Broad
9. RoseLee Goldberg
10. François Pinault
11. Adam D. Weinberg
12. Jeffrey Deitch

to see the other 88 check out art review. by cdc

le bain NYC: the cesspool that it is

stopped by after dinner at the coveted le bain which mirrors the legendary lame-o 80’s le bain douche in paris with an added 2 feet by 2 feet cesspool that i can not believe anyone would dare to enter. over rated place unless you’re getting free drinks, and have the right people with you like pp and kl to make any place fun… but i guess that’s how everything is. i’d go to the boom boom room before this and lord knows how much i hate the boom boom room. by xy