gap logo redesign – crap or scam?

well, i guess everyones read about the gap logo issue, for those who live in caves, gap showed the redesign of their logo last week on the web. designers, along with customers and regular folks just trashed the design all over the world. all this pressure on the brand lead them to do an announcement that they would step backward and get their old logo back.

that is not a wrong thing since the redesign was actually a real crap but what is strange is that no-where on the net i found any article talking about the agency responsible for the redesign. when tropicana faced the same story few month ago and went back to their old packaging, peter arnel studio was clearly made responsible. on the other hand, who the hell would came up with such a lame logo? laird & partner that are in charge of their image? i don’t think so.

anyway my point is that gap never intended to replace their logo but to reinforce it, so they came up with the crapiest thing ever and let the buzz grow to eventually let their consumers think the brand really cares about their comments and involvement. is it making any sense? by pp.