the biggest cat: the nearly extinct siberian tiger

was reading about the the siberian tiger, dont ask me why, but i found an interesting point that led me to think… the rare siberian tiger is near extinction, and less than 300 remain in the wild. during the soviet rule, they were protected, and numbers controlled, but after the fall and the western style business endeavors their numbers plummeted, along with their long protected habitat, the siberian woods, cut down for lumber, all due to lack of government spending and high demand through the poachers on behalf of the tigers. it made me think, about big businesses polluting our world, dumping toxins in the amazon, depleting our oceans, buying out our governments, cutting down our forests…. everyone wants to be rich (not a problem, who doesn’t want to be comfortable and travel the world) but at what fuckin’ cost? as much as individual might is right, and a small government is good, it surely has its downfalls. you need a government to protect what belongs to us all, because individuals can be greedy, and that’s a key role of a government. now does that have to be socialism? or is it just being a human? hopefully a logical one. by xy