the pathetic state of fashion: kim kardashian W magazine cover

if fashion was to be aspirational i must admit that they have lost their way in the desperate state of economic affairs. how pathetic is the state of the fashion world when you go from creativity, to celebrity, and all the way down to trash. what do these people stand for? what is there to aspire to? why are they pushed onto our consciousness? what have they left behind for us to aspire to? are we to be admire trash talk, lack of talent, lack of intelligence, and lack of any creativity in these beings? the answer is yes of course. fashion’s legitimacy was always in question, but now it doesn’t even deserve the question. i for one canceled my subscription to W, one of the only US pubs that at least in the past had brought some interesting photographers to the mainstream stage, like philiplorca dicorcia, and ryan mcginley. the biggest faux pas in this whole thing is that W even dared to put kim and the word art on the same page. its a sad grey day indeed! by dd