geoff mcfetridge – recent work

ok, that show is already over for quite a long time now but anyway, loved mister mcfetridge’s work and even if the wild things are things were not my cup of tea, the followings are.
this show took place at the great half gallery ( which is unfortunately a bit chaotic in it’s opening hours…) just mist it, too bad… by pp.

memphis vs. moss

celebrating the 30 years anniversary of cult italian design movement memphis. moss commissioned artist nathan sawaya to recreate sottsass’s iconic memphis work, “carlton“.
it’s in moss window and it’s really nice, using legos makes total sense. great! by pp.

the white whale: super simple high-tops by pro keds

i’ve been a fan of air force ones for some time and own a few. but i came across these the other day and had to get them. super simple, un-flashy, almost generic… not even the red and blue keds lines on the sides, its more like a simple sketch of what a high top is. just the way i like them. by dd

Stupid love…

if you’re in love, fantastic enjoy the ride, if your not be happy you’re not. it’s like having kids i suppose, having them is great, but not having them is a whole ‘nother life you’ll miss. by dd

MERCEDES BENZ 600 Pullman Laundalet

the rear interior with a single seat and a pair of arm rests

the ultimate limo is the pullman 600. been always a fan for this first and last ever graceful limo. funny enough some of the most famous owners of the 600 include elizabeth taylor, john lennon, jason kay, aristotle onassis, nicolae ceauşescu, josip broz-tito, chairman mao tse-tung and both kings… of iran and of rock and roll, elvis presley! by dd