So disappointed with sweden

i have always spoke of sweden and the nordic states as the pinnacle of civilized world, as something US and the rest of the world should look up to. today i am so disappointed to see that even there everything is up for sale. by xy

the conformist at film forum

bernardo bertolucci’s “the conformist” is on screen at film forum. besides the story and everything that makes this movie on top of every list, it’s worth seeing just to realize how it was and still is one of the greatest references for people defining today’s visual surroundings.  it has inspired everyone from david lynch to steven meisel, who totally plundered every single shot of the movie. a must see! btwn us, if you’re in nyc, such a movie is better on screen by pp.

Red hot: grace Coddington

grace in paris

now here’s a graceful woman who has stood the test of time. anna has ridden on her tailcoat for long enough. merry christmas grace. may your hair remain as red as santas drunken nose. by dd

Angela lindvall the best dressed environmentalist

angela in “purple IV naked” photographed by inez and vinoodh

she was always a favorite of mine, despite her missouri upbringing… from the early days she appeared as the young girl in the parada campaigns to her current state. now of course she is a full fledged environmentalist and nothing suits her better than her natural skin. by dd

more pierre le-tan

still can’t find much about the man on the net. but tells a bit more about his universe thought. something of a medley including a portrait of shy french writer patrick modiano, a not so shy new york skyline, some wildford manor pages and views of the studio by mister terestchenko. what else? by pp.