Nicolas jaar the model student at brown

funny enough everyone i have met from brown is either too rich, or too pompous, to be considered remotely cool, at least in my book… and if i may add i did write the book. half of the brown grads i knew unfortunately committed suicide (when you have everything, the world can look rather dull) and the other half are trustafarians on a mission to be considered cool… eternal writers without a book, and club promoters to the desperadoes.

now who would have thought brown could spit out such an anomaly? this young boy from NY who’s passed his early days in santiago de chile, currently resides at the “crumby dorms” of brown university, and has been playing out of my speakers for the past few days and he aint going away.

passed on to me this xmas by a young architect of extremely similar appearance, jaar got me when I learnt he was haunted by mulatu astatke and eric satie (I was sold). its quite nice stuff i must say. not all the jam they say he is at the guardian UK, but he is unique in a world of similar beats were he manages to strike a rather sensitive groove that actually resonates. hearing him on his interview on ‘beats in space’ he seems rather genuine and unpretentious which is quite refreshing. so far so good, lets hope he doesn’t loose his shit with the fame that awaits him… ladies and gentleman heres nicolas jaar. unfortunately no relation to jean michel, or alfred eeeey : / by dd

jean prouve x simon de pury

hehehe, this chair went away for $23.750 (tax not included) at simon de pury last month… so, i know it’s an original chair by jean prouvé, that it’s the market’s law and so on but still, it was a school cafeteria’s chair originally 😉 by pp.