from Palmolive soap to Jean Luc Godard

anna karina in her palmolive advert days
the revamped anna karina under JLG’s spell

not sure what is exactly talking about when they refer to anna karina not being “as well known”. that’s like saying, who is roland barthes? (if you are asking that very question then you are on the wrong blog). what failed to mention after stating that godard had received an honorary oscar in november 2010, is that he declined to accept it. what i didn’t know however, and i’m happy to know from is that coco chanel had a thing or two to do about her discovery. however even coco, the queen of fashion, couldn’t save anna from palmolive… that credit goes solely to god… ard!!

my favorite films with anna are: band of outsiders, une femme est une femme, masculin féminin and pierrot le fou… all worth the trouble. by dd