the art of smoking – fantastic man

smoking… too bad it’s so bad.

probably one of the best men fashion story ever in probably one of the best men fashion magazine ever. “the art of smoking” in a old issue of “the fantastic man”. by the way, i found this on nolayout, which is such a cool website. some editors of independent magazines, scan their babies and put it on the net… there is this dirty thing about the scanning business that feels like it’s from the 90’s, love it! by pp.

metro symphony

“conductor turns the new york subway system into an interactive string instrument. using the mta’s actual subway schedule, the piece begins in realtime by spawning trains which departed in the last minute, then continues accelerating through a 24 hour loop. The visuals are based on massimo vignelli’s 1972 diagram.”

… and that’s really nice, check it here! by pp.

A kiss is just a kiss

jean-paul belmondo at his peak in pierrot le fou with anna karina, and then recreated in perhaps one of  the best and most relevant paul & joes campaigns, photographed by karen collins. by dd

Nike limited edition suede and rope tote bag

this is a pretty cool tote bag, designed and produced in limited edition for nike by new york agency ceft and company. its made of ubber thick shoe leather and has nike’s iconic laser burned logo on the back. the rope handles are adjustable and simple enough, but best of all you can get your initials hand lettered on the front tab so you will never again forget your own name (can someone tell me what is the point of this? its not like if your bag is ever lost some will know who the hell you are by your initials! let alone who returns bags anymore especially if they are cool). in any case as far as a simple but graceful tote is concerned, its a great substitute for one of those horrible computer bags or just a vessel to log around your useless possessions around town. good luck finding one. by xy