jammin’ with sam the sham

a little egyptian touch from sam the sham and the pharaohs. the lyrics were so hard to understand that some radio stations banned the song. that’s the attitude, if you don’t understand something, ban it… just in case! by bn

filling the Gap in china: gap ads by annie Leibovitz

our pal, ex kid robot designer and current thunderdog wiz, tristan eaton is featured along with the lovely celine lau, buttoms up, in the latest expansion of the fishers factory-the gap in china, photographed by annie leibovitz. the campaign screams of the uniqlo ads that ran in NY featuring mortals such as terry richardson, ryan mcquinly, and the like. that said, i must add that the inclusion of tristen eaton to the mix surely balances the lameness of such pop icons as usher, and if i ever had to “gap together” i would have picked celine lau hands down. well done. by xy

generic man: naval white canvas shoes

in a world of brands it pays to be a generic man. shoes from the generic man, naval white canvas with lusciously soft leather interior, and the casual summer in indigo blue, with white leather laces. zero branding on the outside and detailed craftsmanship make these just that much more special. designed by ex generic costume designer kevin carney. check out the website or his store which we wrote about earlier in silver lake los angeles: mohawk shop general store. by dd

RIP freddie mercury: living on my own

saw a documentary on him the other night, and i was thinking how funny that as a young boy, it never occurred to me that freddie mercury was gay. i mean the band’s name, his elaborate outfits, etc. were all obvious cues… the fans, as with most rock bands, were quite manly and it’s funny to imagine the dilemmas he had to go through in his performances. in any case, he was a genius and as cheesy as this pop song may sound i have to say when i heard it and saw the video (for the first time last night) i kinda liked it. there is something terribly sad and beautiful about freddie mercury. by dd

windsor manners: the duke and his rolls royce

our very own mr. duke schricker and his new wheels. ok the rolls is a bit of a 80’s mold and not quite the right choice and model but hell, there’s nothing cooler than a young chap cruising in a rolls… it’s just not the same when you hit 50. by dd

Artist Rashid rana : aluminum books

books by rahsid rana. 2007, UV inkjet on aluminum, edition 1/5, this was exhibited at the art dubai week for $35,000, i loved it, and i so wanted it , and i was quite tempetd but i was about 34k short… by dd

font that tshirt: Masashi Kawamura

“T” shirts are shirts that were designed by masashi kawamura to have the silhouette of 5 famous typefaces; helvetica, caslon, baskerville, courier, and cooper black… the above two displayed on mandy harris and kana-kimura (aka bob’s girlfriend). more info now idea / utrecht (www.utrecht.jp) by dd

vintage & creamy

vintage images from mmm, issey miyake and zucca. no particular reason, just because they’re so nice and all in the creamy tones, so, you know… and because no one ever did such a smart fashion show invit’ as the mmm.  (kl, is it you on the zucca campaign? miss you). by pp