keren ann – 101

keren ann – my name is trouble

there is a new keren ann record out ( it’s actually not so box fresh but just few month) the point is it’s great! the hit “my name is trouble is really cool and her new look is rad! the song is on repeat and is hard to clear out of my mind. by pp.

Freudsche Rektifizierung: Erwin Wurm

the 2004 c-print 40.98 x 35.07 by austrian artist erwin wurm who is better known for his one minute sculptures that usually involve him and some everyday objects. “my work speaks about the whole entity of a human being: the physical, the spiritual, the psychological and the political.” – erwin wurm. by dd

obsessed with ito

i don’t really know who is ito and it’s not as if his website was really helping to that matter but his pictures, man… they’re absolutely fab! if i was living in the place i want to live in, there would be a “beyond reason” size print from the man on the wall! and on a less capitalist note, i think what the guy captures is really different from the rest of the crowd but keep a really edgy and modern look… can’t get enough of it by pp.

what does o.k. really mean?

while the origins are disputed, historian, inventor of the red tape and famous architect AR.S, has this explaination to offer: “o.k. is a historic word used in multiple languages and across the world, its quite a phenomena in itself. it was originally used by U.S. airforce after multiple sorties to communicate the outcome of the fighters upon return. O.K. stood for zero (O.) killed (K.) which apparently only accounted for our boys and not the enemies and that, in such a case, was quite a positive outcome.” by dd+as

what kind of girl do you have to be to date sid vicious?

incase you cant read sid’s handwriting: 1 beautiful, 2 sexy, 3 beautiful figure, 4 great sense of humour, 5 makes extremely interesting conversation, 6 witty, 7 has beautiful eyes, 8 has fab taste in clothes, 9 has the most beautiful wet pussy in the world, 10 even has sexy feet, 11 is extremely smart, 12 a great hustler by pl

the descendents: milo goes to college

an ode to singer milo aukerman‘s nerdiness in high school, this album cover is iconic to anyone who thrives on so cal’ melodic hardcore punk rock especially from the early 80’s. the descendents debut album “milo goes to college” was released in 1982 before milo left the band to pursue a phd in biochemistry. this album still ranks on the higher end of punk rock, alternative, and hardcore top album lists today. by jr

The XX

a very minimal album cover that does not do justice to romy madley croft’s voice. i had the chance to see them live and their music is exceptional. on the other hand this blocky white “x” over the black background is an image that can trigger curiosity as to what this band is all about. by a.c.