charlotte perriand – photo to design

i’m sure this exhibition is allover paris and french medias but here in new york, not so much. that is a very cool one, not another perriand/corbu show with the same book that is not bringing anything fresh to the talble. here, curators at “le petit palais “ put next to each other the photographic work of miss perriand and pieces that result from it. really interesting! is it a bit naive if i say that i prefer some of her photos over some of her furniture…

“from the fish bones that prompted her ‘banquette tokyo’ to the reclining figure that inspired her ‘chaise longue basculante’, the photographs lay bare her creative process. perriand began using photography for preliminary studies from the moment she joined the le corbusier/pierre jeanneret studio as furniture design associate in 1928, looking at the ‘laws of nature’ in urban and mountain contexts, and many of the 380 photographs show objects discovered on her many walks.”
via wallpaper

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