Hotest dude ever: model andrej pejic

the boy that stole the show: andrej pejic at the jean paul gaultier show

andrej pejic is so hot it really doesn’t matter if he’s a boy or a girl. he can be a cool one either way and hes surely welcome to our party any day…. however i think this finally sets a great pivotal point in the business that we call fashion. from the start, fashion was run by men for women. who else would make you walk on a stilt we call high heels? as the more tasteful, sensitive gay boys flocked to this venue they began to create their own “ideal image of a women”… (this mind you is just a theory–so don’t go changing any text books yet). that ideal image was of course not one of a women really, but of a young boy, pretty and gentle and kind, perhaps reading proust (just the way we like em). so out went the fashion image of a woman, from the hefty, well-fed, aristocrats, to flatter and skinnier girls resembling 12 year olds in mid puberty (this of course, made the pedophiles quite pleased with the new code). women, and i’d say rightfully, began to take note and made a fuss… wondering what to do with their bulbous butts and once well-sought after breasts? they demanded to regain their place in the spot light to no avail. time went by and the feminists took their jabs, screaming anorexia and heroin chic as their witness, no one listened, not even kate. finally with andrej the cat is out of the bag. no more pandering to those “women” types wanting attention. now the ideal image of their woman is finally a man… and that’s that… and if you don’t like it we can surely take this outside. by dd