rob & nick carter – postcards from vegas

i think the following images belong to the category of the ” it’s so bad that it’s nice” or something like that. funny how men couple can achieve this level of suspicious taste, from gilbert & george to pierre & giles. anyway, this exhibition was shown in london at the “fine art society”, posh place indeed, where the contrast between the walls and what they hold might have been even weirder than the piece themselves… there is no absolute good taste, right?

“to create, this new body of work entitled ‘postcards from vegas’ the artists used one of only two remaining cibachrome machines in the world to enlarge the postcards, which are drawn from a collection the carter’s each collected as children in the 1960s and 1970s, to up to 150 times the original size. in addition, the couple have added replicated and reduced-to-scale vintage neon signs spotted on trips to las vegas.

by pp.