Saachi: Top 10 London Shows for April

different abstractions – green cardamom – london: saw this show and another piece of his in the NY exhibit at the danese gallery along side of richard serra’s work, and the piece pictured above was quite unbelievable. the surface is made of thin threads than blur the reality of the physical surface even at a few inches distance. you could swear what you are seeing is a piece of glass suspended and not a physical thread. quite amazing. saachi placed the show as of the best shows in london for April and had this to say about it:

“…all three artists in this exhibition use abstraction interestingly. artist hadi tabatabai makes intensely poised grid-based abstractions. only close examination reveals that their meticulous construction uses threads just off the surface, or grout just below it, to create a stilled zone in which to contemplate the ambiguity of figure and ground, the nature of truth, the meaning of life…” see it if you can. by xy