host victor glemaud and the handsome james penfold – this boys got groove!

fabulous designer and host camilla staerk with brian coats and david thielebeule

the ever present yana k

julia restoin-roitfeld and monsieur andre, or in this case lauren tabach bank and david thielebeule

fashion photographer karen collins and ucef hanjani (ceft and company)

beautiful! actually this photo is from another party but she looked too fabulous to pass

annabel tollman and photographer and charming host of the night hanuk

michael carl and demetria white

douglas and amanda wurtz






straggling down new york’s financial district one would expect to find dinosaur bones scattered around from the jurassic financial era, but not a live, hopping, wooly underneath the woolworth buidling!! everyone from waris, to mark borthwick, to karen ellison have graced its thrift-store decor which seems to grow and accumulate with each of my visits there. the wooly has officially become the go-to place for recapturing the intimate parties that gave new york the old reputation it once had. this last saturday fashion designer camilla staerk along with her friends, victor glemaud and hanuk hosted a small but super fun gathering. as expected an eclectic and fun crowd of friends coupled with good music (may kwok & rod) melted the night hours away. all photo credits go to our charming host hanuk. by xy