paris match – paul weller and everything but the girl

tracey everything but the girl

aaaah getting all nostaligic now… this was once a favorite of mine, tracey thorn of “everything but the girl”, which by the way took its name from a furniture store ben watts and tracey lived above that sold everything a bachelor could want… except the girl of course (what a great name).  on this track, stacey sings over paul weller’s guitar for style council. by dd

Qui êtes vous Polly Maggoo?

nothing new, but one of the many william klein films with his wife peggy moffit.  i met him over lunch and have worked with him for many many years.  he is and has been an inspiration and not to mention a lovely person. saw this clip and it made me want to share it. by uh

For Pina Bausch: with love, Wim Wenders

is it dance? is it art? is it life? is it a dream? whatever it is, it’s the first 3d movie/film i’ve anticipated the arrival of. too many performances missed at BAM. finally, a bridge away from inconvenient early evening viewing times and to ‘the masses’. is this the sort of democracy we want? all we can do is wait… and see. ps.props to poppy.  by kl

ballerina: a film by bertrand normand

bertrand normand ballerina

another beautiful film, this one on the russian mariinsky theater (kirov) by filmmaker bertrand normand. both films are worth a watch for anyone remotely interested in the observation of man as a being… i always said if the aliens come here one day, they’ll learn more about “man” in observing the french gardens and ballet rather than silicone valley or nasa. i think herzog would agree with me on that. by dd

the moon is leaving the earths orbit

how did the moon come to be? orpheus, a planet the size of mars, collides into earth. the collision meshed the two planets together and the fragments become moon. that is why no rock on moon actually defers from that on earth. how would earth be without the moon? the moon stabilizes the earths tilt which regulates its temperature against the sun. without the moon the earths tilt will become anywhere between 0-90 degrees vs less than 1 degree now. so stable vs wobble. simply put, without it the sahara would turn into north pole and back, on a regular basis. and the north pole into Sahara and back, erasing any life that can not exists in both extreme weathers. without the collision, and the moons creation, man would not have existed. now…. fact: the moon recedes from the earth 1.5″ a year. at some point the moon will loose its orbit around earth and part. so the end may not be today but it is actually inevitable. also here’s a good basic documentary on the subject. by xy

may 21, 2011: jesus is coming… everybody look busy

so there is no question we are living in desperate times, where centuries of social evolution and intellectual discourse has been turned into complacency, backwards ideology, business propaganda, and religious zealotry. were the quest for a better social system has been replaced with what lady gaga wore to her dentists appointment. i for one was actually looking forward to today, and i’m a bit disappointed! that said at around 1pm i did see someone suspiciously  jesus like, glowing under the florescent lights, at whole foods. on second take i saw him shaking his head in disappointment in the organic fruit isle, the same apple that brought man to this state was sitting there in full organic glory… and was on sale! i myself was at the fish market, pondering which toxins to cook up for my last supper? the tuna steak with mercury that we’ve laced our oceans with, or the contaminated radioactive konago from the pacific. i finally settled for some cheap wine and bread, at least that was semi-official and blessed by the boss. but all this is not the main concern. while we’re busy spending our future like a pimp with a stolen carte blanché (sorry graydon for butchering your quote) hunting down one religious extreme the other 2 seem to be spreading like wildfire. i guess if man has finally decided to take this ancient route rather than education and the relentless desire to ask questions, the end might as well be welcomed. if nothing, jesus can surely straighten out glodman sachs… and just maybe, even world peace? well, its still 11:53, we have a few more minutes… if you don’t see another post from us, you know where to find us… penthouse b, at the edge of heaven. B.Y.O.B ; ) by jlg