ARE YOU A NARCISSIST? Makeup yo’ mind boy!

site design and production: ceft and company new york

today NARS cosmetics launched the above website ““, where you can go, learn how to do your makeup from the master himself, upload your results and be judged by the entire fashion world. boys of all age and girls of certain demeanor are highly welcome. should you be in the mood you can browse around and “heart” those you like, unfortunately, and not very in-line with the fashion world you can’t kak on those you dislike. the most loved (as in winners) get NARS goodies hand packaged by mister francois nars not to mention the grand winner who will hang out with francois himself backstage at NY fashion week. when asked why NARS created a separate site for the experience, rather than building it directly into facebook, the creative director of ceft and company, ucef hanjani, said: “it’s always important for certain brands to maintain and control their own aesthetic and feeling, and when it comes to web i must say, many have dropped that notion, but obviously not NARS” — this of course is a complaint often expressed by fashion and beauty brands that want to use social media but don’t want their content to sit under a lame-o facebook or youtube swastika. by fr