dov charney: american apparel ads inner workings


o.k. this one above is really hilarious! i mean, what the hell is this?

we’re not exactly the vatican or the women’s front over here, and we have no problem with nudity or political incorrectness, but there is something called taste. unfortunately, you cant buy it in LA. i saw this and had to laugh. i must say dov charney has really set a new standard on how low a company will go to sell you environmentally friendly, american made, t-shirts. he makes olivier zahm look like a gentleman. the one nice thing about dov is that not only he poorly rips off terry richardson, both in appearance and exquisite know-how on the inner working of the art of photography, he proudly panders his co-workers into modeling for him. i wonder when will sexual misconduct knock on his door? maybe after the woody allen law suit finally settles over. at least terry to me, is honest and himself, a true artist you can love or hate but this… is pure bullshit… and there is a world of difference. by xy