gay marriage: one small step for darth

the capital of the world, and the united states’ most intellectual and progressive state has finally approved what two individuals can call a marriage. this past friday, new york state joined the state of iowa and the liberal coquille indian tribe of oregon, to become the sixth US state to approve gay marriage. wow! we are inching forward after all, aren’t we? mind you, this advanced country still considers it illegal in 44 of its 50 states, while our fellow citizens in argentina, canada, iceland, netherlands, norway, portugal, spain, sweden, and even south africa have come to terms with it for some time now. this event will surely upset the moral majority and the religious bigots of the world who somehow still think they can tell the world how to dress, live and not to think. i myself, frankly could care less about marriage. it’s a piece of paper, often unrelated to love or a promise as evident in billions of cases, and simply a silly ceremony created by man and sworn to some god that apparently no one believes in, as death seldom do’s them apart… it’s as absurd as religion itself, or the colorful human sacrifices of the past, however in the fallible society we live in, this piece of paper controls everything from child rights to insurance to taxes and death. so i ask, why should a good citizen of any state be neglected of the rights and advantages it brings? what harm could this possibly impose on others? and last, who the hell are we to meddle in the beliefs and sexual affairs of others? after all fascism clearly wasn’t the way, was it now? may the force be with all you deviant folks. dog bless. by dd