once again anish exhibits in paris but this time at le grand palais. here we have an idea of how it looks from inside.i saw it without looking at previous pictures of the exhibit and it took me by surprise.the feeling when your inside is definitely not expected;the intensity of the red varies with the exposure to daylight. when i visited the exhibit it was late during the day and the corners inside the piece where dark creating the illusion of a deep black whole… at first the experience can be overwhelming as you are adapting to the surroundings but once you take a moment to walk around you can actually appreciate the piece. the sound inside and the echoes created by the walls are also something to hear for yourself. i really enjoy kapoor’s work because he values the interaction of the piece with the audience creating a different take from each individual.if you happen to be in in paris or planning to visit make sure you stop by le grand palais and see it for yourself. by ac