nars cosmetics: new york launch party for “makeup your mind” the book and the interactive website


francois nars, the lovely and talented grace coddington and underwear giant calvin klein who seems to be getting younger by the day

london “it” girl alexa chung whom i ran into at old navy over the weekend in ny… that made her quite cool to be sure

the launch event at cedar lake nyc, that’s me in the black suit and white shirt

lake bell and francois nars

the very blond erin fetherston

ok the twins where not a stunt act but rather the djs from paris: ladies and gentlemen, les jumeaux

francois and amanda lepore keeping it real as usual

catering was supplied courtesy of martha stewart – that’s a joke.

makeup artist bad girl sarah sophie flicker

how to become a narsissist: the new interactive website with the same name as the book, where you can follow instructions and upload your picture for a chance to win 1 of 12 prizes

ok as always we are a bit behind schedule, recovery has its own perils… last tuesday nars cosmetics held their launch event at cedar lake in nyc to celebrate the launch of the book “makeup your mind: express yourself” (good thing there is no tax on word count) and its corresponding social media website the event was done as expected of nars, fully polished, and star studded with francois celebrity friends. everyone from the cheerful and talented simon doonan, to carol alt, elise overland, and anna sui turned up for a drink and a quick makeover. i ran into the lovely gender bender model andrej pejic who was charming and tall as usual. he looked rather flat next to amanda. the drinks were colorful and cold, i had a couple of champagnes, and eyed the under-lite trays of yellow tale sashimi’s swimming by. the event was from 7-10 followed by an after party which i wasn’t invited to. i dashed out at around 8:30 to make room for the ever flowing fans, as the party must go on… the instructional book “makeup your mind: express yourself” finally available was beautifully design by baron & baron and the website which contains the instructions “makeup your mind” was designed and produced by ceft and company new york by xy