purple sale: am i the only one?

i haven’t even been going there lately but am i the only one sick of “purple diary” and seeing that stupid “emporio armani” ad appear on that blog every other 4 posts? i mean god, i know olivier’s got to eat but how desperate can he be? it looks as if they put 2 year old’s in-charge of advertising. “yes sir. i’ll plaster your ad up my friends ass”… if i even liked armani id be hating them now. this is a sure way to turn off your fans and build new enemies… the frequency alone makes giorgio seem like a bloated horse-fly chasing your shit-stained bike in tulum! and as for purple blog, lets face it, all it had going was candid “soft porn” pictures of purple models (sandwiched between olivier’s desperate cry-for-help to be accepted as mr. cool) which has lately been replaced with soft porn pictures of olivier and his new boyfriend terry. may i recommend we remove purple from our “check out” list please? by ar