smoking kills man… but hell it lookS good**

great cover for man magazine. mind you, this is not just “another man” magazine.


**official disclaimer: smoking actually does not look good. it actually sucks!! not that we care about death, its quite natural and we best get the fuck out of here if there’s gonna be any room left on earth for the ones coming. besides as we posted before the true average life span of man is really just 20, and the rest is really borrowed time. all that said, and the death part aside, it is simply stupid to shove carbon monoxide inside you mouth especially when the final effect is null. your teeth get yellow, your mouth smells like a toilet, and it actually cramps your style. just think about what an extra ($12 a pack x 7 days x 4 week in a month) $336 a month could do for your wardrobe… actually if you are in paris or NY not much… but whatever. by dd