style note: paul weller vs pete townshend

oooh! just remembered… such perfect timing. been waiting and holding off for the right time to post this muffin. a good quality rare shot of pete townshend and paul weller at the peak of their time. while pete is a swell guy, i was never into “the who”, i never understood it or saw what all the fuss over the guitar trashing was back then. especially when that became an act at the end of every show. to me they were a big pop band with a trick or two. on the other hand i was an avid “jam” fan in its early days. pauls social views and activist stand was inspirational and while he drifted later years he always carried those views along with his great taste… (if not always in his music). here you have the dashing paul weller with townshend in as good as a condition as you’ll ever find him. by dd