the review of the film: shoe by Andre Saraiva

the film shoe by swedish-born, french adopted, graffiti artist monsieur a, turned club owner and man-about-town is finally here. the first installment, or perhaps trailer, with a very long title sequence launched this weekend on nowness. nowness, for the record, is owned by LVMH and was previously known as e-luxury, which was shut down and re-grounded into its current format, an editorial site to squeeze goods in, between goods. the part one clip (posted here) does have a nice title sequence by andre reminiscent of saul bass and other 60’s giants. it was also nicely colorized and filmed in paris, where we follow the “metatarsus varus” french actor walkabout town and kiss a girl. the plot really steams up when he hands out two cigarettes to two seated girls. when asked, olivier zahn, the co-writer of this so far silent film, said “the film is about a character very close to any young french guy who likes to flirt with girls in paris.” very interesting and unusual indeed! the depth here reminds me of the early days of purple. when it was in a book format and co-published by elein fleiss. now of course we don’t want to speak prematurely without seeing the entire film, but if the intention here was to intrigue, we are still awaiting the intrigue. by dd