my favorite things: ucef hanjani from a generic man

describe your style in five words:
erik satie meets sergio leone

what are you currently wearing?
white jeans by marc jacobs, my old white cotton button down shirt by helmut lang, no socks, my white generic man naval shoes
white leather and bamboo whip from kiki de montparnasse

any fashion tips for this season?
avoid the system

name one person, living or dead, whose style inspires you:
living: jarvis cocker
dead: my grandfather

what are you into now?
music: lee hazelwood, Lars and the hands of light, syd barrett, gonzales
film: documentaries seems to be all I watch these days
food: still japanese, but sans radiation
drink: krug, anything from joto sake
cars: 1954 maserati AG6, 1976 rolls royce corniche coup, 1964 ferrari Lusso
instruments: vintage gretsch semi hollows, hand made acoustic guitars from spain
hobbies: galaxies, carrera classic slot cars

where did you get your generic shoes?
in LA

what do you love the most about them?
well made, unbranded and hand crafted

ucef hanjani a few of my favorite things from generic surplus (blog) and the makers of generic man. for style profiles go to generic surplus, ca. by xy