$6,000 iphone 4 by gresso

you have to love the new term “luxury” which roughly translates into “how to sell crap to the nouveau rich who cant tell the difference”. gresso a company that materialized from vapor in 2005 specializes in stealing a brilliance piece of technology (created by some one else, in this case apple), and sticking their crap on the back in order to offer it to “no idea whom”. in this particular case they claim to offer mechanical time pieces embedded in the back of the iphone 4. i mean first off the phone itself will be dated technology in less than a year and second what kind of a true horological connoisseur would actually go for that? you think you’ll invest in a patek that remotely looks like this? and for that matter costs so little considering there are 6 movements? unfortunately there is no saying how many idiots walk this earth as there is no twit counter on gresso’s site, but the locations they sell at will hint at the migration of such idiots perhaps: they apparently reside or frequent miami, vietnam, arminia, iran (looks like the sanctions are working as planned), ukraine, and of course moscow and 19 other cities in russia. if you already happen to have one, we highly advise you to use it at home and ideally at night time…. preferably in the basement. if you don’t, for good measures, be sure to ask your russian boyfriend to stick to depleted caviar. by dd