fake apple “stoer” in china

effort was made to replicate the material and even the ads inside the store

the iconic blue t shirts and the large id tags where all there

even the store name was “spelled” out just in case you missed the subtlety… granted apple store never uses signage that states it as an “apple store” let alone apple steor.


forget the vuitton knock offs and i trust you saw our post about the fake chinese macbook air (laptop for $260), and now this! a free standing store!! a US blooger on a trip to china’s kunming city discovered the “fake” store. after checking with apple about the presence of this store she praises the villains on her blog… “beautiful ripoff- a brilliant one-the best ripoff store i have ever seen”. in her conversations with the staff she was amazed to find that many were convinced that they were employed by the US electronics firm. apple itself has so far refused to comment and its not clear where the “fake” store is getting the products from. clearly not from apple directly!! by cd