mayan temples: the film apocalypto

 full film, bad sound (while it lasts)

but if you want to see the film properly,  get it streaming or get the dvd

here is a cheesy hollywood film, and perhaps one of the few out of a handful of films ever made on the topic. it was recommended to me by a mexican friend with mayan ancestors, and while he warned me that it isn’t great, he did say that it is the best rendition to date in film on the topic. the film is done in original mayan dialect with subtitles. i watched it in tulum on the night after a visit to the templo dios del viento (god of winds temple) which resides on a cliff facing the ocean. swimming towards it, i could imagine the spaniards first sight of the mayan ingenuity. it’s enough for any beginner to light up your interest. worth a watch. by dd