on a quest for the perfect breakfast toast

like wallace, i like my toast… well toasted!my first purchase: a delonghi toaster oven – set my toast on fire and nearly my apt… approx $100-120a cheap and clean looking cusineart “classic” toaster, acceptable but completely inconsistent… approx $70-80and finally my latest addition: a magimix vision toaster… $240

well perhaps you followed me in my previous adventures when i was looking for a matress or a dvd player, or for that matter choosing a worthy drink.


well, having your breakfast toast, toasted shouldn’t be that complicated, but like anything that matters, it actually is. for my first purchase, a counter top toaster “oven” was chosen for its perceived multi-function. i though, well… i can heat up a chocolate pie for my ice cream and toast my bread all at once. well the $100 contraption worked for a bit but many-a-toasts lost their soul’s to fire. after the 3rd toast inferno, that threatened the cabinets above, i came home oneday only to find it in the recycling bin. in a bind (as i’m the only toast fanatic here), i then made the quick and easy dash for the cheap cusineart toaster. i have to say i loved the look and still find it to be possibly the best looking toaster out there, and who would want to start the day with an ugly one? that worked well, and was fully fire retardent, however the toasts… inconsistant. i would toast a bread on a perfect setting only to find the very next in the bin. then i was finally introduced to the french fancy manufacturer magimix. i had no idea what it was but the name made me laugh, i imagined an anne-sophie look alike in white apron mascotting a “magi mixer” with stars sparkling around her. little did i know this little muppet was what ive been needing all along.


the design is so simple you wonder why arent all toasters like this? the clear glass on sides not only allows you to see exactly where your toast is at, but it also opens up my counter top to let some light in ; ) the unit is super well constructed, and surprisingly made in the southern part of france! i think today even hérmes is manufacturing certain items in china so consider this with amazement. the unit weights 5 times my previous toasters and the retrieve button is a solid lump of steel. being an audiophile i will tell you, electronics that weigh a lot are “potentially” very good, doesn’t mean lead will help performance, but trust that, manufacturers don’t add weight for no reason. the colorless silver toaster (like my previous toasters) goes quite well with my thermador oven… mind you i’m no yuppie with some fancy professional oven that i never use, i’m actually a renowned chef… well amongst friends that is. im gonna post this under “perfect gift” just for all you gromits out there. – love wallace. by uh