that’s entertainment: the jam without the butter

sorry to piss on this pop parade, but i’m still lost in the mod galaxy thanx to ar. this song was most influential with bands like bauhaus and tons on tail and the rest that followed. this was when the term “unplugged” meant you were straight, not on MTV. the simple drum and acoustic strum with potent words was a stand out. what is amazing is that although i still love this song, to this day, this is the first i’m seeing this clip myself, and just the other day i was saying how its so funny that every punk, rock, grunge, etc. band that come up and claims to be different, ends up grabbing a guitar and striking the same damn pose on stage, legs apart, leaning back like dee dee and waking the poor guitar to death. i was saying how cool would it be for a punk band to sit on a stool and settle down for a change? and here you have it with paul weller… from electric circus to this within a year. i guess i just like the way they did things with such ease. also if interested here is a very funny interview in sweden with paul weller. by xy